Gary Young Ink

Gary Young Ink is a Minneapolis based PR agency. Gary lends his Public Relations expertise in regards to media relations, print and online communication, event management, media training, branding, speaking engagement, and media training.

Having worked with some big name companies both locally and nationally, the focus of this site was to highlight his extensive experience in a way that represented his easygoing and fun personality.  He is a very genuine and knowledgeable person and we needed to capture that in the look and feel of the site.

From a full width homepage, to logo carousels, testimonial grids, and individual case studies, we wanted the site to be bold and dynamic.

gary homepage


gary logo grid


gary services


gary testimonials



Step by Step Coaching

Step by Step Coaching is a subsidiary of Evolution For Success Coaching company. They provide coach training. The site serves a landing page and sign up page for different trainings offered throughout the year. The site needed to be clean and crisp.  We used full width images and integrated a video on the front page.

step by step coaching homepage


Step by step coaching

Cool Change FL

Cool Change Florida  is a subsidiary of Cool Chang NC. They offer HVAC services to the Vero Beach area in Florida.

To maintain consistency, we created a site that was identical in terms of layout but different in terms of content for SEO purposes.  We provided site-wide optimization as well as on-page optimization and content creation.

Cool Change FL

Functional Performance Center

Functional Performance Center provides functional physical therapy to the Phoenix area in Arizona.

This full service clinic offers physical therapy as well as custom orthotics, acupuncture, 3DMAPS, running assessments, ASTYM, functional training, massage therapy and nutrition advice.

They needed their website to help visitors understand right away the range of services offered. The site needed to be clean, easy to navigate and give visitors a sense of the care and concern they show their patients.  To create an impact, we focused on a full width site with gorgeous images. In addition the sticky navigation bar makes it easy for visitors to look up the information they need.

Functional Performance Homepage 2


Functional Performance service apge


Functional performance accordion

Crepes Veronique

Crepes Veronique Website 1

This informational website was designed to be simple and joyful.

Easy to navigate, the pictures do most of the talking.  The site included a custom Home Page and video integration.

Website design for small busisnesses

teamworks communication

web design for a PR consulting firm

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ADHD Coaching

Website design for an ADHD coaching site

This website was created from the ground up as an off shoot from the Executive Coaching website.  The goal of this project was to create a very clean and masculine site to zero in on the business owner’s target market.

Although, it is a small commercial website in terms of pages, it presents a number of interesting features.  Images were kept to a minimum to eliminate distractions and a lot of attention was put on the marketing copy. The Home page is widgetized, and provides a glimpse of different articles with a featured article.  The slider features a power point presentation. Colors and typography were customized.  The sidebars are also customized for each page with different testimonials for additional impact.  And finally, social media and an additional menu was integrated in the footer in a very clean fashion.  Emphasis was placed on SEO to maximize Search Engine Results Placement.


Web design for ADHD coaching site


Internal page

KC Curbside Glass


KCG website

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Cool Change NC


Website redesign logo integration


A year after initially building the site, we did some cosmetic updating. We integrated his new logo, modified the marketing copy and fine tuned the SEO.

Previous Look: 

Heating and Air Conditioning Website DesignThis small business website needed to convey both professionalism and friendliness. Due to the intense competition in the HVAC market, this site needed to have very strong SEO to rank on Google but also be user friendly to appeal to visitors.

The magazine style site features a slider, a blog, contact forms, double navigation, and drop down menus. In addition, the front page is widgetized, meaning it’s different than the rest of the pages within the site.

The project involved complete content development including image searches.

The Raleigh Handyman

Get a great website for your small business

This site was done for a small business.

The site needed to be attractive and professional.  It also needed to be easy to navigate, and large enough to have some weight in the eyes of search engines.

The focus on Search Engine Optimization was very heavy.  The site involved full content development including image searches.  It is connected to directories, social media. It includes a blog, a slider (placed at the bottom of the page to be avoid distractions), a contact form and drop down menus.