Website Maintenance

Your website is up and you love it. Now, let’s keep it that way!

WordPress, just like any other software, must be kept updated for performance and security reasons.  Your website also uses different “Plugins”* that need to be kept updated, so checking your site and performing regular maintenance on it is a must.  In addition, it’s a very (very) good idea to keep your site backed up so that should the unthinkable happen, you can restore your site as quickly as possible with minimum interruptions for your clients.

As part of your website package, I make sure that I teach you or your staff how to update, add content to your site and backup your files.

For my clients who would like a little help in that department, I also offer three different packages:

1. Peace of Mind Package: $40/month, which includes

  • keeping all software updated
  • as performing weekly backups of your site.

Should anything happen to your site, I will have it back up in 48 hours.

2. All Inclusive Package: Website Hosting, Maintenance & Management: $90/month, which includes:

  • Fast, reliable, and Secure hosting for your website
  • Continuous software updates
  • Weekly backups
  • Up to 1.5 hr of continued website management for tech support, and content update/modifications

Any additional time will be billed at my hourly rate of $50 for my web design clients.


* Pieces of software that perform additional functions such as adding a contact form or incorporating an image slider on your site