About Me

Emmanuelle, the face behind EMM Web DesignsBorn and raised in Paris, France, I came to the US to go to college, earned an MBA and never left!  I made a permanent career shift to Website Design nearly 5 years ago when my husband started his own business and I grew frustrated with our inability to update his website ourselves.

What I discovered as a business owner, was that every time I wanted to make a change to the marketing copy of our site, I needed to talk to (and pay) our website person.  It was costly, it was frustrating, and I didn’t see any results in terms of clients coming through the door.  If the look of our website was mediocre, its performance was atrocious.  It did nothing for us other than exist.

But although my diving into the world of website design started out of annoyance, it turned into passion the minute I discovered possibilities and the flexibility of using the WordPress platform.  Web design allows me to combine my business background, my knowledge of SEO, and my creativity to build websites that look beautiful AND perform for you.

As a side benefit, my love for teaching means that I never mind walking you through the process, and teaching you as much as you would like to learn. I want you to always have control over your own site. I’m always here if you need me to make modifications, AND I’m also always here if you need me to show you how to change a picture or modify a phone number.

I LOVE what I do.

I love creating well built, beautiful sites that have great SEO and get my clients the results they want.  But beyond the actual designing of the site, I love working with people and finding ways to translate their vision and their needs into a website that THEY love.