Website & Blog Design

I work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and non profits to create beautiful websites with great SEO. And because a great website should also be easy to maintain, I build websites using WordPress & the Genesis framework. It makes editing your site as easy as editing a Word document giving you complete control and flexibility.

With a background in business, return on investment (mores specifically, your ROI) is very important to me.  Consequently,  I’m very SEO conscious.

I feel that a website needs to make sense on 3 levels:

  1. You must absolutely love it and feel it’s a great reflection of who you are and what you offer.
  2. At the same time, the search engines must be able to actually find your site and pull you up in their search results.
  3. Once you are found, your website must be meet the needs of your visitors, make them want to learn more about you, and be user friendly.


A Word about SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Although no one can promise you first page on Google, you can, and in 90% of cases you should, put all the chances on your side by setting up your site properly from the start and by using solid SEO strategies going forward. It’s much much cheaper that way and more importantly, it’s a more effective way to go about it.

Every site I create is search engine friendly and easily crawled by search engines.

In addition, based on your needs, I’m happy to create your site with special focus on Search Engine Optimization. This upgrade includes site wide SEO as well as “on page” optimization (H1, H2, H3 styling, page title, links and url, images, description…). As part of the package, I also make sure I provide you or your staff with SEO training so you can continue to optimize each page on your own as you add more content.


What Can I Do for You?

– Informational Website

You’re simply looking to have a web presence and your website will be a “digital business card” of sorts or a “digital brochure”. This is a great option for those wanting to get their message and image across to potential clients. It gives you credibility, establishes your image and gives you a place to direct current or potential clients. This type of website is very flexible and can be adapted easily to your personal style and taste, whether you’re all about business or you’re more on the soft, creative side.

– Website Design

You’d like to have a multipage website that provide visitors with the full experience. You can have a customized home page, one or multiple navigation bars (with drop down menus if desired), an integrated blog, custom column layout for each page, featured images, contact forms, social icons, and customization of colors. An auto responder can be integrated as well as a home page slider if desired.

– Personal Blog Design

If you looking for a simple blog without a custom homepage layout, this may be the perfect solution for you. With options for single or double navigation bar, custom layout and sidebar set up, it is a simple basic website that gives you lots of room to grow. 4 to 7 pages are included as well basic customization to make it look just right.


 Additional Web Design Services:

– Landing Pages Web Design

You only need one page. Landing pages, or micro sites, can be great tools to either sell a specific product or to showcase many different websites & blogs. A practical solution for authors or other independent professionals. The site can include a header but traditionally, it does not have a navigation bar. Visitors are given all the information they need on one page. Depending on your needs, visitors can be directed to purchase products via purchase buttons or sign up for newsletters via a sign up system.

– WordPress Install

You want to start blogging and are uneasy about taking the first step. I install WordPress on your site and set up the theme of your choice. From there you take the reins and make it your own. If needs be, you can call me to help you along the way. In terms of experience, you get the ease of blogging on except that you have all the flexibility and ownership of a self hosted blog.

– Hosted ( Personal Blog

For non-profits who need a web presence, but need to have the blog hosted on “neutral grounds” so that the blog can be passed down from administrator to administrator, this is a great solution. It can be used to display portfolios for organization or for rallying the troops for a particular event. The set up is simple and the interface is ridiculously easy to learn so that several contributors can add their articles to the site without any fear of the site ever crashing. The design options are limited but there is no domain to purchase or hosting fee and maintenance is all handled for you.


Website Management:

Your website is up and you love it. Now, let’s keep it that way! As part of your website package, I make sure that I teach you how to update and add content to your site.

For my clients who would like a little help in that department, I also offer a “Peace of Mind” package which includes keeping all software updated as well as regular backups. $40/month.  In addition, in certain cases, I can also offer continued website management such as content update and modifications if you really don’t want to touch it at all. My hourly rate of $40 for my web design clients.  For more information, consult my Website Maintenance Section.