Terms of Service

For your protection and mine, by purchasing any service, you are agreeing to the Terms & Policies as expressed below.


All quotes provided will be honored for 30 days from the date presented. After that time, a new quote will be provided upon request.

Deposits and Payments

An initial, non refundable 25% deposit is required upon agreement to proceed with the project. Another 25% is due within 15 days after the start of the project and the remaining balance is due upon completion of the project or after 30 days of the start of the project, whichever comes first. I accept cash, Paypal payments, as well as personal and business checks. A $25 fee will be added to any returned checks.

Payment of Fees and Expenses

Should EMM Web Designs incur agreed upon in advance additional expenses such as the purchase of stock images, the client will be billed the exact amount of those additional charges in addition to the agreed upon project fee.


The client is engaging EMM Web Designs as an independent contractor for the project agreed upon. The client therefore authorized EMM Web Designs to access all necessary material, accounts and resources to complete the project.


During the design process, your username and passwords may be requested for certain websites.  Your information will only be shared with the designer and coder (if coder is different than designer) and otherwise kept private.

Revisions prior to Launch

There will be no charges to the client for revisions or corrections or additions made necessary by errors on the part of EMM Web Designs. The client is allowed a reasonable number of revisions and will not be charged for providing feedback and revisions during the building process. EMM Web Designs reserves the right to determine what constitutes “a reasonable number of revisions”, and the client will be informed when the number of revisions approaches that level, after which time, the client will be charged an hourly fee to cover the additional time spent on the project.

Development & Completion

EMM Web Designs works very hard to complete all projects in a timely manner and will provide the client with an estimated time of delivery for the project (usually 2 to 4 weeks for a custom website and 1 or 2 weeks for a custom blog). EMM Web Designs will communicate with the client during the entire development of the project and provide them with status updates and answers to any questions that may arise. Should the client fail to provide the necessary pieces of information within 15 days of the date requested, all monies will be forfeited to EMM Web Designs and the project will be put on hold until full payment is made and the information is given to EMM Web Designs.


During the design process, you will likely hear from me frequently. Most communication will done via email and conducted Monday through Friday (no Holidays) from 8am to 5pm. I will respond to your emails promptly. If you do not get an answer from me within 48 hours, give me a call at 480-540-2755. Should I go out of town, I will notify you and let you know of my return date. Please check your email frequently during the design process as it’s vital to getting your website completed on time.

Hosting and Downtime:

Hosting will be the sole responsibility of the client and EMM Web Designs will not be held responsible for any downtime incurred as a result of any interruption due to server or hosting issues. It will be the client’s responsibility to contact the hosting company directly and rectify any technical issues with the site.

Copyright and Use of Products

EMM Web Designs retains all copyright privileges on all designs and drafts. Designs using an outside source for images are subject to copyright laws by that artist who retains all copyright to the images. EMM Web Designs copyright notice must remain at the bottom of the site. EMM Web Designs reserves the right to display or not to display a screenshot of your completed website in our portfolio for promotional use. All graphics and design work cannot be used for any other purpose than what was originally agreed upon. All codes installed on a website designed by EMM Web Designs are intended for that website only and are not to be used on any other site. EMM Web Designs will include a small credit line at the bottom of each blog or website with the link back to http://www.emmwebdesigns.com.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The client guarantees that any element of text, graphics, image, photos, design, or other artwork furnished to EMM Web Designs to be included on the website are owned by the clients or that the client has permission for the rightful owner to use each of these elements and will hold harmless, protect, indemnify and defend EMM Web Designs from any liability.

Post Launch Support

Post installation, any problems with the functionality of the design is offered for 30 days.  Design changes made after the installation will be made at an hourly rate determined at the time of the request and will be completed as soon as possible, based on the designer’s availability.

Updates and Maintenance after Launch

Due to the fact that the client’s site is built on WordPress, it is understood that it requires regular maintenance and software updates to maintain its functionality. Updates and maintenance will be the sole responsibility of the client unless the client purchases an maintenance package.

Legal Notice and Liability

EMM Web Designs makes no guarantee as the the amount of traffic the client’s site will incur, its placement in search engines results, or the performance of the completed project. It makes no claim as to page load times or compatibility with various web browsers beyond the statement relating to compatibility below. Likewise, EMM Web Designs does not guarantee that the site will operate uninterrupted and/or error free as this is beyond its control. In no event is EMM Web Designs to be held liable to the client or any third party for any damages, including loss of profits, loss off savings or other damages resulting from the performance of the website or inability to operate.


EMM Web Designs will work to ensure that its designs are compatible across updated browsers. Your design is not guaranteed to be compatible with future browser versions or future versions of Genesis or WordPress. It is however, guaranteed to be compatible at the time of the install.


The client may cancel and terminate the project at any time for any reason. In that event, all work will stop immediately and all payments made prior shall be retained by EMM Web Designs. All liable expenses already incurred by EMM Web Designs shall be paid by the client in full. In the even of cancellation, EMM Web Designs retains ownership of all copyright and any original artwork.


In the event that Emmanuelle Munsen (or an immediate family member of Emmanuelle Munsen) becomes injured or too ill to perform any of the services described in the promised time frame, a refund will be offered.

Due to the nature of web design, no refunds will be offered for any other reasons once the project has already started.